Nine out of ten boats with Diesel engines will have some form of microbiological contamination or "diesel bug" growing in their tanks. There are an estimated 100 different types of Diesel bug internationally. Since Sulphur levels in Diesel have been reduced and with the introduction of biofuels, the number of vessels with fuel quality issues has increased markedly.

Along with the Pure Fuel + and Pure Fuel Ports we have developed PUREFUEL¬≥ a revolutionary product that will take D-grade diesel fuel, clean and sterilise it, filter out any contaminates and reduce moisture content to  produce genuine A-grade fuel. This new product is a world first, and laboratory tests results have proved it has A-grade effectiveness and reliability. Click on PUREFUEL¬≥ in our products section to find out more.

Fuel contamination can grow in any condition where diesel fuel is stored. Ridding your fuel of diesel bug is not only good for your engine, it is benefitial to the environment. Clean, contaminant-free and moisture-free fuel helps to protect your engine and its filters. It reduces nasty emissions and ensures your power plant is running as efficiently as possible. NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS ARE USED IN ANY OF OUR TECHNOLOGY.

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