Our Solutions

Pure Fuel Technologies has developed servel unique and revolutionary
systems that have the proven ability to kill microbial contamination
and reduce the moisture content of diesel fuel without the
on-going use of highly toxic additives.

Our technology is designed to combat the material remaining in fuel once
it has passed through standard filtration systems. The live spores
(micro-organisms) and molecules suspended in moisture are the
cause of microbial contamination (fuel bug).

This problem has become more prevalent of late due to the
government mandated reduction of sulphur levels.  This and the
incorporation into standard diesel fuel of BioFuel makes microbial
contamination a real threat.

  • Our Products:

  • PF+ - In-line magnetic 'disruption' devices
  • PureFuel3 - Complete self circulating units; a total purification system
  • PureFuelPorts - Inspection ports for fuel tanks
  • Custom Made Units - Professionally installed for oversized and unique projects