Nexus is a leading manufacturer of Marine Electronics.
Having special relations with Nexus has enabled us to use their worldwide
distribution network for PFT products

Kiwi Yachting
Kiwi Yachting is supplying high quality equipments for
the NZ Marine Industry and will distribute PFT products in this country,
helping with  their special
knowledge of the marine market

Fuel Bug Technologies
Grant Pethybridge is still running Fuel Bug Technology in parralel to PFT and is taking care of installation, maintenance and sale of Fuel Contamination Treatment in New Zealand

Marine Diagnostics
Marine Diagnostic has helped us during all the tests,
providing testing material and analysis.

Transdiesel is distributing high profile engine brands
in New Zealand and has helped PFT developping our unique technology.

Marine Diagnostics‚Ä®
Marine Diagnostic Ltd has provided sampling, analysis and consultative
services along with expert advice on microbial contamination.‚Ä®